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  The Gabon 

M'BOLO( goodmorning)

 You listen in this moment the national hymn of the Gabon 


 Want to excuse the errors that there could be in the text. In fact I have a lot of gaps in English and my studies are distant. Thank-you of your comprehension. 


The Gabon, Africa countries central is situated on the equator between the Congo, the Cameroun and the Guinée Équatoriale and trimmed to the west by the ocean Atlantic. The Gabon, of an area of about 267.660 Km2, is subjected to a climate équatorial, hot and humid. The coast to the west of the country spreads itself on 800 Km about. The temperature there practically constant east all to alongside the year. One there notes 4 types of seasons: two seasons dry, the an of May to September (big dry season) and the December other to January (small dry season), and in alternation a big seasons of rains and a small season of rains. It is frequent that during the big season of rains the rivers and rivers go out of their beds and transforms then provisionally the landscape. 

The foret covers about 75% territory and represents a big wealth for the country. In fact the okoumé (drinks pink color serving in menuiserie for the manufacture of the plywood), the mahogany (drinks reddish and very hard color allowing to obtain a polite form) and well on the ébène (black wood, very lasts and heavy often used for sculptured statuettes). 

The Country has access to 5 reserves: The Lopée, Moukalaba, wonga-wongé, sétté-cama and Iguéla (a descriptive one of 3 of these reserves is done in the section Tourism) One there can observe elephants, buffalo, antelopes and imitate just as several oiseux types of which it fine gray perroquet, national bird of the Gabon. 

The Gabon pulls his first wealth of the oil but possesses equally uranium mines, of money, of Manganèse, Iron and Lead. 

His capital is Libreville, city of more one than 540.000 inhabitants in edge of the atlantic. Libreville is situated to the embouchure of the delta of the river Como to the Northwest of the Gabon. A crossing of some minutes (12 Km) brings you to the Point Denis where is located the most beautiful beaches of the region. (in 1975, my father to been loaded of the realization of the first bungalow of the residence touristique of the point Denis


                                                                             Official Arms of Libreville


The Gabon is divided in nine provinces of which the one of the Average Ogooué or itself situated Lambaréné;

Well that little populated (about 1.300.000 Gabonais) the Gabon counts close to a forty of ethnic groups as the Batéké, the Bakwélé, the Bakota, the Fang, the Bapounou, the Mitsogho, the Eshira, or the Galoa


A little of history

5000 years ago a craftsman of the region cut in the rock and polished to the perfection more big glaive of the Néolithique never discover to this day! This weapon of a meter of top, found in 1942 at the far end of a career of Kaolin and preserved since in a museum in France, is assuredly the most beautiful piece of all the art préhistorique of Africa

The Origins of the Gabon are poorly known. It would seem that the first ones occupying be Bantu of which the migratory flow atteignit the Gabon towards the XIe Century. The migrations continued to the XIXe Century, with the massive arrival of the Fangs. Formerly, the Gabon was a zone activates on the economical plan, notably thanks to the commerce that borrowed the water ways towards the interior of the earths. 

The kingdom of Loango would have been been founded to the XIVe Century in the south of the current Gabon. The King of this people had for name " The My Loango " and descended of a long dynasty of overlord. But towards the XVe century the Gabon was annexed by his powerful neighbor, the Kongo. This annexation dura close to 100 years, even has this that the Portuguese envahirent to them turn the Kongo (that will become later Congo), liberating same blow populates it Gabonais. 

The First Settlers

20 years before Christophe Colomb does not land in America, the navigators abordèrent the quotations Gabonaise (in 1472). In 1484 The first explorations commencèrent under the commander of Diego CAM. It donnèrent to this coast to the aspect of a sailor's jacket, the name of gabao that will become Gabon. Then the war of the counters doing fumes the Gabon devint turn to Dutch then English turn to finish between the hands of the French. 

February 9 1839, an agreement was signed between the vessel Captain French bouët-willaumez (it will become later Admiral then governor of the Senegal) and the boss of the tribe Mpongwé, The King Denis RAPONTCHOMBO, called " King Denis", and nicknamed the peaceful King. The latter is during several decades, the boss of the left shore of the estuaire and the sovereign one the most revered one. Surrounded by the consideration of the Europeans, the King Denis reçut the cross of the honor Legion and was equally decorated by the Vatican, in recognition of the returned services to the Catholic Mission. France, as one sees it on the illustration, him fit gift of splendid uniforms. 

While the métropole lives times disturbance (about 1848) with the fall of the King Louis Philippe and the arrival some forces Louis Napoléon Bonaparte (Napoléon III), the French of the Gabon fights against the clandestine draft and is founded in 1849 the city of Libreville (that will become the Capital), " town of liberties" for the liberated slaves of the clandestine boats. Then this was the era of the big explorations towards the interior of the country by of big men such as Rock Savorgnan of Brazza (1852 -1905) that donna his name to Brazzaville to the Congo. 

The current borders of the Gabon were traced at first XXe century. Many exploiting forest vinrent to install itself and do fortune with the commerce of wood, such the family Michonet (to read, the memories of the river). The crisis of 1936 fatal fût to number of them. The between two wars vît equally it arrived to the Gabon of a personage celebrates of which the name today automatically is relateed to the Gabon and to the city of Lambaréné, I want to speak, of course, Doctor Albert Schweitzer. 

The after second war world-wide marks a turn in the history of this country. In fact the émergence of big personalities gabonaises such John hilaire AUBAME (representative to the French parliament) and Léon M'BA, mayor of Libreville and future President of a country that obtint are independence August 17 1960. Since the Mister death Léon M'BA in 1967, the fate of the Gabon is between the Mister hands Omar BONGO (Albert Bernard BONGO even in 1973) President of the Republic Gabonaise.

The colors of the flag Gabonais were not chosen at random. In fact the green one represents the forest, the yellow one represents the equator that crosses the country, the light way, at last the blue one, when to him, represents the ocean Atlantic and its magnificent beaches.


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